Welcome to the official site of Brendan D. Murphy and the home of THE GRAND ILLUSION (TGI) books!
I believe that your writing is even more important than your admirers realize because it can help to awaken the influential leaders who already know that we must begin immediately to build a new paradigm. That cannot happen without a revised understanding about the true nature of consciousness. I know of no one who is grappling with the problem at your level. - John Holum

Welcome to my humble cyber abode. Clearly your destination is higher consciousness, or you would not have arrived here, a step on the path. ;-)

I encourage you, new friend, to now take the next step and avail yourself of my book TGI 1, possibly the most comprehensive book of its kind ever written (see: "Buy The Grand Illusion" in the above menu).

If you are in need of healing and transformation with an emphasis on transcendence and evolution of consciousness, please see the "Services" link above and contact me to make a booking.

As for the rest of the site here, there's plenty to see, including some music clips/samples, free book samples, downloadable PDF files (articles featuring my research), testimonials from others who've read TGI 1, and so on.

The founding of the Global Freedom Movement in early 2014 made for a very interesting year, while the creation of GFM Media (a progression from GFM Radio), made 2015 truly epic. 2016, however, brings us a whole new vista of possibilities and realities, including the GFM community portal, the forthcoming release of TGI 2, as well as mass DNA activations, as I and my colleagues seek to turn as many of you as possible into powerful and fiercely compassionate living Jedis(!) You'll want to be kept in the loop, so subscribe to the GFM newsletter.
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